Exactly in the Middle

Exactly in the Middle

Sep 20, 2016

Nowadays, with the current political climate in the country, the never-ending truths and untruths painted by media and certain personalities, the extreme emotions of frustration, fear and anger it seems that we are pulled to choose one side. This, after just recently succumbing to deep and numbing apathy. Chaotic. Polarizing.

What side are we talking about though?

It’s not simply black and white, good or evil, yellow or red (or un-yellow), life or death, sinner or saint, self or the other – so many different sides, we might as well be looking at a circle or a sphere. Maybe, that’s it. We are feeling the tension from various sides because the fact is we are being asked not to choose left or right but up and up in a spiral. The push and pull is towards our evolution as a people, as a human being.

Are we going to remain in the dark hole, long tunnel or bottomless pit that we dug for ourselves by continuing to accept the unacceptable? As the pearl that symbolizes us as a nation, would we rather be painfully churning that sand or will we finally stop and realize that we have a gem within us?

Acknowledging this hidden gem means we accept our responsibility for the gifts that the Divine – Bathala, Allah, Universe, Christ, Buddha and all ascended masters – imparted, imprinted and nurtured in our souls. Look around us? The beautiful Philippines is a testament in itself. The amazing Filipino – magaling, uragon, malakas at maganda – is more than enough proof of this.

The problem? We’re continuing to struggle against the stream, banging our heads on an invisible wall and instead of riding the wave, we dive in with all our negativity fighting anyone who tells us otherwise; as we drown in this self-created mire, we look to that savior to haul us into the light.

The solution? Wake up. It’s all an illusion. Poverty exists in the Philippines because the greedy keeps hoarding the pie that can feed the rest of the country. At the same time, the “poor” keeps looking at what is lacking instead of what is available — a people with innate skills and natural intelligence coupled with immense capacity for hard work, a countryside still teeming with life, and a community with indigenous systems often more advanced than in ’first world’ countries.

Sobriety, as the former Uruguay president Jose Mujica perfectly articulates, is the key to greed. Poverty is a mindset. We have to learn to live within our means, take only what we need, recognize abundance, and share our blessings.

Yes it is simple but it is not easy, it is never easy. Transformation is an alchemical process that  takes us to the innermost recesses of our beings to confront our demons, asks us to choose to remain in the dark or move into action, crushes us and turns us into liquified mush, and invites us – in full consciousness – to leave the safety and comfort of our cocoons as an evolved version of ourselves.

It is a natural process but the invitation is to move through it consciously, embracing the path that we have chosen in this life and in the many lives we have experienced to get here.

So, how do we approach this process?

We have to be completely awake and aware, strive not to be swayed by the crowd and learn to listen to our own internal voices – the whispers of our own loving, guiding, inspiring spirit. Doing so means staying exactly in the middle – the harder the push or the pull, the more we find our center by growing our roots and reaching for the sky.

Being exactly in the middle, we shall find our balance, understand our space in this world, and realize our purpose in this lifetime.

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