Collaborations can become long-term partnerships. CHC believes in producing quality work that often goes beyond expected outputs, always bearing in mind that a satisfied client can be a long-term partner. Collaborating with professionals who support the same principles and work ethics assures partners that their needs are not only met but the outcomes will have a positive impact on everyone involved. After all, CHC works with passion, vision and a genuine desire to build empowering relationships and communities.

Conscious Heart Creations™ offers the following:


  • Emergent Theatre™ is a group-based performance-dialogue process for personal and collective discovery, healing and empowerment.
  • Transitions in Communion™ is a group-based process utilizing appropriate methodologies for personal and collective discovery, healing and empowerment. Format is tailor-fitted to the group (ie. organization, company, institution, community).
  • Dialogue in Sacred Spaces™ is a one-on-one session for self-discovery, healing and empowerment.


  • Mindfulness-Based Wellness for Stress Reduction (MWSR) with FriendlyCare Foundation
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) with FriendlyCare Foundation
  • Mindfulness for Compassion and Well-being (MCW) with FriendlyCare Foundation
  • Professional Development for Mindfulness-Based Interventions with FriendlyCare Foundation


  • Facilitation (Participatory Processes)
  • Creative and Empowering Education (Arts, Performance, Music, Sports)
  • Module/Curriculum Development
  • Project/Program Management
  • Organizing and Coordination
  • Research and Documentation


  • All Life Stages: early childhood, middle childhood, youth and adults
  • Process Facilitation for Individuals and Groups
  • Mindfulness Practices, Exercises for Self and Collective Awareness
  • Innovative, Creative, Participatory and Practice-Based Approaches
  • Use of Social Technologies, Passion Projects

If you are interested to avail any of CHC’s offerings, please feel free to send a message using the website contact form. Submission of a project or work brief and an initial meeting or discussion is preferred before providing any service quotation.