“It is imperative to become flame oneself. Only the flame cannot be consumed by flame. Once we can feel that we are flame that cannot be burnt up by flame, then we can calmly leave our physical hearts behind as empty sacks, for we have our etheric heart which will understand that humanity is moving into a new age, into living spirituality.” Rudolf Steiner

As shown in the diagram below, CHC has chosen three specific trajectories: Education, Service and Creativity. These three flames are merely different aspects of each other, separate and united in passionately achieving its vision of healing and empowerment for self, community and the world (including all beings seen and unseen).

Conscious Heart Creations™ began in 2011 as an answer that emerged from a dark period of soul searching, confronting two existential questions: “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”

After gestating for more than a year, in 2013, it grounded itself in events organizing and was registered in the Philippines as CHC Events Management Services. Along with several colleagues, CHC was able to organize and manage unique events throughout the year. However, there seemed to be a conflict between CHC as an initiative vis-à-vis as a company, especially at that early stage of its establishment.

More than two years passed and CHC finally found its authenticity, truth and integrity as a real initiative.

This means that CHC initiates projects or activities in response to a real need and then works in collaboration with those who are aligned with its vision and values, or it responds to the initiative of others, whether as individuals, organizations and communities. In so doing, the synergy creates a communion of like-hearted, like-minded, like-willed human beings who continue to transform and co-create a better world.

In its true form – CHC is the initiative, lifework, path, the summation of passions and perceived purpose of its founder and coCreator in collaboration with family, friends, colleagues and all beings, seen and unseen.


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