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Conscious Heart Creations™

Conscious Heart Creations™ is an initiative on healing and empowerment through collaborations with individuals, organizations and communities on social entrepreneurship, healing arts and conscious education, ecological sustainability, indigenous cultural awareness and advocacy, and community building.

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Janneke NEX Agustin has always worked with the invisible, the Universe, God, Buddha, Allah, Higher Self, seen and unseen beings - whatever name we may be comfortable to call her/him/them. As an artist, a process facilitator, a writer, a conscious performer, an educator, an organizer and as a Filipina, it was (is) but natural to call out into no-thingness -- Bathala and bahala na -- in creating or manifesting out of that often invisible inspiration.

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Frances is a cultural enthusiast and curator. She enjoys long discussions on political economy, arts and working on creative contents and passionate about volunteering and learning different skills.

Krizel is passionate about developmental work particularly in the field of humanistic education and visual arts. She currently maintains a day job in the non-profit sector that resonates with her advocacies.

Avie is a freelancer who loves to help coaches and consultants generate leads through social media strategies. She is also a content developer for three years for eCommerce sites.

Astrid is an independent writer/researcher and certified acupuncturist and a lover of new experiences. Her own journey of healing is punctuated by a steady drive to help and be helped and to learn and be taught by others.

Kahlille is a freelance development practitioner and management consultant who loves brainstorming ideas and taking them to the next level. She uses her evolving capacities to support initiatives that use empowering and transformative narratives.

Nola has been a consultant for sustainable livelihoods and conservation for the past 15 years in the Southeast Asian Region. It was her passion for culture and development that brought her into this field.

Ade (pronounced like “Ate” but with a “d”) is, on paper, a freelance theatre artist who graduated from UP Diliman. Experientially, he is a son, a brother, a lover, a friend, a collaborator, and most fitting of all, a process.

Christela is a faculty member in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Animation Department and in University of Makati Multimedia Arts Department. She is also a concept developer, a theatre actress, and a singer-songwriter.

Love is the web designer and developer of the CHC website. She started as a web designer but transitioned as a front-end developer, and a self-taught programmer.

Louise is a photographer and a cultural creative who finds happiness in documenting life events. She is passionate about holistic education, indigenous culture, and conscious arts.

Patrich is a graphic designer, illustrator and visual artist, who can seamlessly translate ideas and concepts into visual form and graphics. He also co-created the overall design of Conscious Heart Creations.

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