Janneke NEX Agustin

“The whole world lies before us like a great quarry before the architect. Everything outside is only material, (and I would even include the outer layer of the self in this term,) but deep down in this core there is this creative power, the capacity to create what is to be and the urge to tolerate no let down until we have given it shape in one way or another, either outside ourselves, or in our own person.” Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Janneke NEX Agustin has always worked with the invisible, the Universe, God, Buddha, Allah, Higher Self, seen and unseen beings – whatever name we may be comfortable to call her/him/them. As an artist, a process facilitator, a writer, a conscious performer, an educator, an organizer and as a Filipina, it was (is) but natural to call out into no-thingness — Bathala and bahala na — in creating or manifesting out of that often invisible inspiration.

When she began walking this path, what was mostly unconscious she learned to be more conscious of: to serve as an instrument of what wishes to express itself in the material or even ephemeral form through the skills, talents, and ideas she was gifted with.

Given her multiple interests and capacities, Nex continues to venture into the unknown. With courage and vulnerability, she allows what is present to emerge, seeing clearly as best she can, and from this clarity contribute to the needs of her family, community, beloved country – the Philippines — and the world.

Through Conscious Heart Creations, she wishes to reach out to more people – individuals, organizations, companies and communities – to serve, educate, inspire and in the process co-create a better self, country and world. Carving her own unique path and staying the course to respond with awareness, passion, compassion and commitment to her vision and intuition.

Nex has worked with communities and children in various parts of the country, Asia and Africa. She prefers working with people on the ground, especially those who lack access to creative, empowering and healing processes.

Her creative works, organized events, volunteer work and consultancies reflect her advocacies and perspectives in life.

You may also get to know her a little more by visiting (and following) her personal blog: ConsciousPinay

Photographer: Louise Far