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Siningbayan: Art of Nation Building

Sep 11, 2016



“Siningbayan” is a word coined by multi-awarded social artist Joey Ayala to indigenize “Social Artistry”, a body of work attributed to anthropologist Jean Houston, and appropriated by the UNDP for decentralizing the MDGs.

Siningbayan workshops were piloted in 2009 with various sectors and in various venues through a partnership between the United Nations Development Program, the Philippine Civil Service Commission and Bagong Lumad Artist Foundation Inc. The Siningbayan Field Book highlights a framework of three processes for engaging with people as a “Mandiriwa” (another word coined by Joey Ayala, to describe the Siningbayan workshop facilitator – wisdom worker as Artist, Researcher, Teacher, Culture-Builder): Contemplacy, Articulacy and Operacy.

In 2013, CHC co-organized workshops aptly named Siningbayan sa Conspi and BUDHI: Celebrating Humanity in Everyday Life, and documented other workshops such as Siningbayan sa EARIST (Eugolio “Amang” Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology) and PNU (Philippine Normal University).

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