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KWS Ensemble Concert “Music in Me”

Sep 11, 2016


The Kolisko Waldorf School envisions a responsive community that nurtures the child as a unique individual through Steiner education, towards developing a balanced human being who consciously participates in social transformation (from KWS FB page, accessed 16 Sept 2016). 


Veering away from the traditional performance and media entertainment, the initial impulse of the Kolisko concert was to present the children as they are in school, playing in the ensemble as part of their everyday curriculum.

In this light, the concept for the concert itself is a retelling of how the idea came about, with a storyteller weaving stories about music and KWS as the Kolisko Waldorf School Ensemble and guest performers serenade the audience.


Music in Me has evolved over time as a yearly showcase of the KWS Ensemble’s own evolution.

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[Photos by Louise Far]

Experience: Music in Me 1 & 3, Creative Director (concept and execution), Stage and Production Management; Performance as Narrator.