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Emerge! 2010 International Youth Conference

Sep 11, 2016





Event Description: EMERGE! 2010 is a week-long series of creative and experiential activities that aims to bring together artists, educators, social entrepreneurs and cultural advocates towards a new way of engaging in the world. As an international youth-led initiative organized by PAGASA Youth (Philippines) in collaboration with Think OutWord (USA), WeStrive (USA) and YouthSection (Europe), its process of dialogue, creation and collaboration is meant to act as a catalyst for the emergence of transformative initiatives in every sector of society.

EMERGE!2010 was held from 24 April to 2 May 2010 at various sites around Metro Manila.

[Poster design by Patrich Agustin]

Emerge! 2010 Initial Report

Emerge! 2010 Promotional Video

Emerge! 2010 Sneak Peek