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AWFI Life Story and Art Therapy

Sep 11, 2016


One of the events that CHC managed in 2013, specifically for Anthroposophia Wellness Foundation, Inc. (AWFI).

The ANTHROPOSOPHIA WELLNESS FOUNDATION, INC. (AWFI) was organized by professionals from the medical, artistic, and health related fields and incorporated on June 20, 2003 to transform the consciousness of individuals and communities towards wellness and healing through an Anthroposophic understanding of the human being, and to develop Anthroposophic medical health care models responsive to the various needs in the Philippines. At present, AWFI is focused on the development of education/training programs, than will articulate the concepts and principles of Anthroposophic Medicine (AM), sustaining programs that enhance the capacities of individuals, families, and communities to live their life’s mission, and AM education/training programs for health professionals and workers.