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Mother of the Fairytale

Sep 20, 2016


Mother of the Fairytale (Inahan sa Sugilanon) is a book showing the inspiring story of how Tuburan, a green school community in the outskirts of Davao City, Philippines came into existence. For three years since the inception of the school in 2012, Louise Far, a photographer passionate in holistic education followed the story of the school and bore witness to the unfolding education of the head, heart and hands.

Mother of the Fairytale gives a glimpse of the journey of the school’s first teachers, the daily challenges and triumphs of little children, and the emerging sense of space and community among parents and friends of the school. Also included in the book are relevant essays on the book project itself, the experience of initiating Tuburan, early manifestations of holistic education through the story of Steiner education in the Philippines, and a macro perspective on education and the true need it must address. These essays were written by exemplary writers who have been involved in the realm of holistic education as parents, teachers, researchers, movement sparkers and initiative-takers.

Amidst capitalist tendencies of mainstream education and the conventional notions of parenthood in the country, Tuburan strives to translate education to loving children, and allowing them to realize their true potential in preparation for the Work they will accomplish for the future of society. In this sense, Mother of the Fairytale is a courageous attempt to show that a holistic and a healthy approach to education is possible, and a living “classroom” that connects children and the entire school community to the earth and the culture of humanity may indeed exist.

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