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Holistic Education

Sep 21, 2016


In different parts of the world, children remain to be the most vulnerable members of society especially those living in less fortunate or poverty stricken communities. Thus, they would need and would benefit from empowering and healing education – providing activities that reconnect to their soul and spirit, enhance creativity, clear their minds, and develop the skills that can help them navigate in this world.

Short mindfulness meditation such as focusing on the breath for 5 to 10 minutes can set the tone for the day. Children and youth in partner communities have benefitted from this practice as observed by their teachers and school administrators. Instead of the usual agitation and hyperactivity, children have the opportunity to train their minds to focus and let go of distractions. By doing so, they cultivate their awareness of their internal experience and gain the ability to be with whatever is happening. When the mind is not distracted, peace and inner joy naturally arise.


At the same time, learning in a social environment helps children to connect with other children, be open to unique contexts, better understand themselves in relation to others and build community. Passionate about Child and Community Development, CHC offers opportunities for group interactions through mindful, creative, educational activities for children of all ages and from various backgrounds, for youth and adults (parents, community leaders and members) alike.

CHC partners and collaborates with organizations who are equally passionate in serving children and their respective communities through holistic and empowering education.