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Song: Justice Still Prevails

Sep 16, 2016

Written for the play “Sa Bandang EDSA” but was not included in the performance.

Music composed and performed by Noel Cabangon.


Justice Still Prevails

When the innocent fall victim to unjust circumstances

And the unjust feigns innocence using bribery and violence.

Justice still prevails.

When the poor is getting poorer, getting by with half a meal;

The rich is getting richer, taking more than their fill.

Justice still prevails.

When there’s no one left to lean on, and there’s no one left to trust.

When is only fear is residing in everybody’s heart.

Justice still prevails.

Like the light shining bright at the end of the tunnel, harder to imagine, harder to decipher

Like a thief in the night when we least expect it, justice shall come and it will prevail.

Justice still prevails. Justice will prevail, justice will prevail.