Emmanuelle Andaya-Milani

Emmanuelle Andaya-Milani

Jun 19, 2020

Nola has been a consultant for sustainable livelihoods and conservation for the past 15 years in the Southeast Asian Region. It was her passion for culture and development, specifically promoting traditional handicrafts as livelihoods of indigenous communities that brought her into this field.

She is currently spending time on various passion projects and ideating a social enterprise that brings together her passion for culture and sustainable development and forests. She will be taking the helm of CULTIV8PH, initially a collective platform, and pivoting it towards an active role in advocating and creating a more inclusive cultural and creative economy.

A long-time friend of CHC CoCreator Janneke Agustin, they have supported each other and worked together on passion projects since they reconnected in 2010 (i.e. Invisible Beyond Seeing and Cultiv8PH).

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many including underprivileged children. Due to the community quarantine and the cancellation of classes, they have been deprived from learning, as well as mental and creative activities. Responding in her own way, Nola has recently started (June 2020) the First Art Kit Campaign by providing them with a simple kit of art materials that can serve as a respite and diversion during this time.

Feel free to get in touch with her through cultiv8ph@gmail.com or the website contact form if you are interested in this campaign or want to talk about common interests. You may also visit Cultiv8PH FB page for updates.