Love Nakagawa

Love Nakagawa

Sep 05, 2016

Love Nakagawa is the web designer and developer of the CHC website, a project that has been two years in the making, with different life circumstances (for both Love and Nex) affecting the process of creation and development.

Love started as a web designer but transitioned as a front-end developer, and a self-taught programmer. In college, after two years taking up Computer Science at the De La Salle University, she shifted to and completed her degree on Multimedia Arts at the DLSU College of Saint Benilde. She is motivated by her work, which she loves because it allows her to continuously learn new things especially new technology. Love will even choose a company with “new tech stack” over one that just offers a better salary.

Aside from dabbling with technology and sitting in front of her laptop all day (and night, if she has tight deadlines), Love Nakagawa is a dog lover who dreams of having a special place for abandoned dogs, a sort of ‘hacienda’ with fast internet so she can work on the side. She is also a Milk Tea addict, so beware.

Although she loves the Philippines, Love will soon be venturing to another country for a year or so to pursue a more challenging yet rewarding work (and life) abroad.